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Safe Deposit Boxes*

Durand State Bank offers four different sizes of safety deposit boxes: 5×5, 3×10, 5×10, and 10×10. Have the peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe and protected against loss. Contact us for pricing.

*Contents are not insured or guaranteed by the bank, the FDIC, or by any other government agency.

Collectors Coins & Medallions

Shopping for a gift? Durand State Bank offers various silver and gold coins and commemorative medallions for sale in addition to a variety of necklaces, money clips, and tie tacks.

Mastercard ATM/Debit Card

Intercept gives you 24-hour access to your savings and checking accounts all over North America.

Fax & Photocopies

For a small fee, you can send and receive a fax at both of our locations, as well as obtain photocopies. There is a maximum of 20 pages for copies.

Wire Transfers

Durand State Bank sends and receives wire transfers. Wires can be sent to a third party’s bank for credit to an account. There is a fee for this service.

Automated Transfers

Durand State Bank will automatically transfer money from one account to another at set intervals. You can make loan payments with an automatic transfer from your checking or savings account or transfer from one account to another. There is no fee for this service.

Overdraft Protection

Save yourself from overdraft charges. Sign up for automatic transfer from your savings account to your checking account. You’ll be glad you did!

Automatic Deposits

Your paycheck can be sent automatically to Durand State Bank for credit to your account on pay day! See your employer for details.

Illinois License Tag Stickers

Durand State Bank offers you the convenience of buying your license renewal sticker at both of its locations. A fee is charged for this service.

U.S. Savings Bonds

Series EE and Series I Bonds can be redeemed at our bank.

Notary Service

Notary service (signing a document in front of a notary) is available free of charge. Notaries are located at both the main bank and the facility.

Medallion Stamp

Durand State Bank offers the Medallion Stamp for existing customers.  There is a fee for this service. Please call ahead to make an appointment. 

Voter Registry Service

Voter registration for Winnebago County is available at both the main bank and our facility on Best Road.